How to clean up a Chinese character or Japanese character WordPress hack from the Search Results

Its incredibly frustrating to see

make sure the hack is definitely removed. no good removing pages from the search results if more will keep being added, especially if the hacked content is replacing your real pages – you will lose your traffic

The next step is to get these pages removed from the search results – if you do nothing, it can take weeks or months for Google to remove them on their own.

short summary: You’re going to tell Google to remove the foreign language pages from their SERPs using Search Console. The bad news is that its going to take a lot of work collecting all those URLs and submitting them manually.

Step 1. You need to make a list of pages for to clean up. You can do this using a “” search to produce a list of all the pages Google has in its index for your specific domain. You should include in this list any pages that *should* be in the index, but that have been overwritten with foreign content. We will seperate these into two lists in the next step.

Step 2. now you have a list of hundreds or thousands of the spam pages containing hacked content, you need to go down the list of URLs looking for pages that you know are real pages on your website – we want Google to recrawl these URLs in order to update the content with the original. The other list is for removal from the index, you need to make sure that none of your genuine content URLs are left in this list or they will be removed along with the rest of the spam.

Step 3. recrawl

Step 4. remove.

Repeat every 24h.

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